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The Boston Conservatory at Berklee

  • In 2017, Boston Conservatory merged with Berklee School of Music, resulting in a Programme expansion from only autism to special needs


  • In April 2017. CEO Jill Bradford addressed the Annual Conference on International Autism Schools Music Programme Benchmarking


  • In April 2018, CEO Jill Bradford presented at the. Initial combined Boston Conservatory/Berklee School of Music ‎ Conference; this time on "Exploring Lower Cost Options to the MFAI model". While this model has been in use for over 15 years, it is costly to launch


  • In mid 2018, MFAI originated it's 2nd successful placement of a Boston Conservatory student in an MFAI programme

Conservatory Announces New Partnership with Music for Autism International


  • We are delighted to announce that The Boston Conservatory at Berklee has entered into a strategic partnership with Music for Autism International

  • This partnership will enable us to bring our groundbreaking work in music education and autism to the international stage by providing teacher training, program consultation and research collaborations to educators and schools in countries around the world



Music for Autism International in Boston

27-30 April, 2016


  • Jill Bradford, CEO of the Conservatory's new strategic partner, Music for Autism International, visited Boston this past week to observe classes, attend meetings and participate in the school's conference for Teaching Music for Students on the Autism Spectrum

  • Planning is underway for joint projects that will continue to develop over the next several months

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