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I would like to thank you for giving our students this unique opportunity. I observed a part of one session and was very impressed with the total involvement of the students in what was going on. I hope that they will get more opportunities to experience the sessions.

- Teacher feedback, Dubai -

Music does many things for many people and speaks what cannot be expressed. Watching the effect it has on the children is exactly this and quite simply breathtaking

- Andrew Berryman, Conductor NSO Abu Dhabi -

It was a pleasure and a fantastic experience full of nice and rewarding feelings to participate in the MFAI workshops

- Fabiola Salinas, Viola -

It is such a joy to be part of these workshops. It's so rewarding, when I see the genuine reaction of these children to the music. It feels like I’ve fulfilled my purpose as a musician, when I see and feel the children’s interaction in our music - conducting, marching, clapping, dancing etc. Especially when I see that they enjoy it so much. It’s a very special experience

- Irena Mitevska Maleva, Flautist -
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