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Global Youth Leadership Summit ​

Global Youth Leadership Summit – March 2019

Choir United performed as part of the opening of the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Summit at NYU AD on 14 March. MFAI formed Choir United in October 2018.

Choir United is made up of students of determination from NECC AD in Abu Dhabi and
Al Noor Centre in Dubai. NYU AD hosted the choir as well as the summit. 


United Choir Performance – January 2019


  • A pilot choir performance (Choir United) was held at New York University Abu Dhabi on January 15 alongside the "Advancing Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in the UAE" workshop.

  • Jill Bradford, CEO of Music for Autism International and Conductor of the Autistic Adult Choir organized the pilot in collaboration with NYU AD.

  • Eman Al Hashemi, the first female Emerati Composer, helped lead the choir. The New England Center for Children AD and
    Al Noor Training Centre participated in the choir along with volunteers from NYU AD.

Choir United’s next performance will be on 14 March at NYU AD as part of the Special Olympics World Games.

Unified Choir Performance
The Boston Conservatory at Berklee

The Boston Conservatory at Berklee – Q2 2018


  • In 2017, Boston Conservatory merged with Berklee School of Music, resulting in a Programme expansion from only autism to special needs


  • In April 2017, CEO Jill Bradford addressed the Annual Conference on International Autism Schools Music Programme Benchmarking


  • In April 2018, CEO Jill Bradford presented at the. Initial combined Boston Conservatory/Berklee School of Music ‎ Conference; this time on "Exploring Lower Cost Options to the MFAI model". While this model has been in use for over 15 years, it is costly to launch


  • In mid 2018, MFAI originated it's 2nd successful placement of a Boston Conservatory student in an MFAI programme

NECC - Boston, USA

NECC – Boston, USA – Q4 2017


Another Successful Sustainable Music Programme (NECC - Boston USA)


Based on MFAI's 4 year relationship with NECC Abu Dhabi, it's Group Chairman retained MFAI to advise on building a similar sustainable music programme in its Boston USA school in conjunction with its launch of the new Arts Building of the school. 


Our advisory services included:

  • Replicating the successful music programme in Abu Dhabi NECC

  • Designing a bespoke 7 week trial programme for youth ages 8-18 years at NECC Boston

  • Advice on inclusion of youth previously excluded from the school' activities

  • Advice on retention of external Project Leader

  • Advice on selection of local musicians


Upon completion of the 7 week trial:

  • ‎NECC Boston decided to implement the programme across the entire school

  • MFAI advised on sourcing a teacher to lead this programme (via our relationship with Boston Conservatory)

  • This is the first sustainable music programme in the nearly 50 year history of NECC Boston.



iReach (Hong Kong)

iReach (Hong Kong) – Q3 2017


  • 7 week percussion programme pilot

  • Hong Kong based autistic youth ages 14-18

  • Programme led by percussionist from the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Funding secured via Hong Kong Jockey Club

Abu Dhabi

Music strikes the right note with children with autism, Abu Dhabi – 

19 May 2017

UK/European Youth – Links to Boston Conservatory – April 2017 


  • Provided individual vocal coaching to a musically gifted UK youth.

  • Guidance to a US based family with a musically gifted youth. Referred to our US partner: Boston Conservatory‎ at Berklee School of Music

  • Guidance to a UK family with a musically gifted youth. Provided individual instruction, recommended a local accompanist and preparation for Berklee School of Music

UK/European Youth
Killard House

Killard House School, Belfast (Northern Ireland) – April 2017 

MFAI has been exploring entering Ireland for the past 3 years- but were not able to find the right ASD school partner.  Once aware of their young prodigy, Kaylee Rogers, we began a dialogue with the school's headmaster. MFAI's CEO spent one day visiting the school, meeting with the Headmaster, various teachers, two social workers, the music teacher and the Chairman. We then hosted the Headmaster and his wife in London to help them better understand MFAI.

Over the past several months, MFAI's CEO has developed a dialogue with Killard's music teacher, who we have found to be unusually gifted - and is very close to Kaylee.

 We have thus been working on a programme for Kaylee to sing alongside The Autistic Adult Choir (TAC - www.theaustiticadultchoir) on Global Autism Awareness Day, 2nd April at The Arts Club in London. This will be Kaylee's 1st performance with an adult choir.  MFAI plans to continue to collaborate with the school and her music teacher (and mother) to develop her talents - in controlled autism friendly environments/concerts. 

Family Fun Fair

Al Noor - Family Fun Fair, Dubai, UAE – February 2017 

Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities celebrated its annual Fun Fair on Friday 24 February 2017.


The event attracts people from across the UAE and serves as a fundraiser for Al Noor.

MFAI was delighted to have a booth at Al Noor's Annual Fun Fair. Along with the help of Eman Alhashimi,  MFAI had several plastic instruments donated by Nuvo and Warwick Music for the  children and adults to try as well as a walking keyboard. It was a great day to see lots of special kids and their families as well as support Al Noor.

Ecole Giant Steps

Ecole Giant Steps, Montreal, Canada – Q4 2016

Over the past several years, Music for Autism International has observed the effects of live classical music performances on hundreds of ASD youths in classrooms across continents and cultures. Two of the most consistent reactions to such music have been rhythmic movement and percussion.



Our goal in this pilot project has been to embrace such movement for all the students at Giant Steps School, as well as to provide instruction in musical technique. We have done so by combining our MFAI programme management with the assistance of Mckenzie Comp, professional percussionist, in collaboration with the Giant Steps Music Therapists, Marianne Bèchard and Nadine Thiruchelvam and visiting music instructor Emily Curtis.


All Giant Steps students participated in percussion workshops over the course of the seven week pilot. 

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