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Music for Autism International uses the 2002 UK Music for Autism charity model as a base.


  • We continue to bring live classical music via professional musicians to youth in ASD schools in countries/schools outside the UK and US, focussed on sustainable music programmes.


  • In such schools, we are pleased to cooperate in enhancing any existing music programmes in the curriculum, or assist in launching such programmes all at a local level. To organizations which are interested in further development of such music programmes, MFAI frequently contributes plastic musical instruments, including local professional musicians to provide such training to ASD youth.


  • Through such programmes, we frequently see evidence of musically gifted ASD youth.  As part of sustainability, MFAI is dedicated to sourcing local professional musicians to assist the school, the parents and the child in developing such talents.

'Music for Autism, Music for Autism USA and Music for Autism International are separate bodies with their own independent managements and constitutions and are all dedicated to bringing music into the lives of autistic children.'


Christine Cairns,

Chairperson Music for Autism UK,

Co-Founder Music for Autism 

Abu Dhabi
Hong Kong


Mrs Bradford, CEO

Mrs Bradford is the child of two generations of doctors and three generations of teachers. When she was 5, she began visiting hospitals and patients on a regular basis with her father and grandfather. When she was 10, Jill began playing her flute for patients in hospitals and in care facilities.

Jill studied Music Education at Wheaton Conservatory and completed her Bachelor of Music Education degree at the University of Montana. This is a 5 year specialized degree in the US rather than a traditional 4 year degree.

Mr Tillman, Chairman

Mr. Tillman has worked in the investment banking industry for the past 30 years, holding executive positions in a number of major financial institutions including the Chairman and CEO of the London based merchant bank he founded in 2003. Henry's interest in music was developed by his mother, who died at age 38. While living in New York, Henry studied opera under Maestro Vincent La Selva. Several years later, Mr. Tillman directed performances of the La Boheme, performed at Teatro Piccolo, and La Traviata, performed in the Granaries. Mr. Tillman launched MFAI's predecessor company ( in 2006. Since then he has been actively engaged in developing youth globally in music, dance and art as well as programmes for dementia.

John Lubbock, Honorary President

John is an English music conductor and singer, and founder of the Orchestra of St John's Smith Square, now known as the Orchestra of St John's(OSJ), which he has brought to prominence including performances at The BBC Proms. John is also a leader in both the UK and world in his work linking music to autism. He and his wife, mezzo-soprano Christine Cairns, were co-founders of Music for Autism. They have also raised an autistic son, now aged 22, who was the subject of a 2002 television programme,

"Raising Alexander".


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