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NECC - Boston, USA 


Another Successful Sustainable Music Programme (NECC - Boston USA)


Based on MFAI's 4 year relationship with NECC Abu Dhabi, it's Group Chairman retained MFAI to advise on building a similar sustainable music programme in its Boston USA school in conjunction with its launch of the new Arts Building of the school. 


Our advisory services included:

  • Replicating the successful music programme in Abu Dhabi NECC

  • Designing a bespoke 7 week trial programme for youth ages 8-18 years at NECC Boston

  • Advice on inclusion of youth previously excluded from the school' activities

  • Advice on retention of external Project Leader

  • Advice on selection of local musicians


Upon completion of the 7 week trial:

  • ‎NECC Boston decided to implement the programme across the entire school

  • MFAI advised on sourcing a teacher to lead this programme (via our relationship with Boston Conservatory)

  • This is the first sustainable music programme in the nearly 50 year history of NECC Boston.





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