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Bespoke Private Musical Education Guidance

  • Over the past year, the CEO of MFAI, related to her role as Choirmaster of the Autistic Adult Choir (TAAC) has provided individual musical guidance to selected UK based individuals involved in TAAC

  • In addition, due to MFAI's increasingly international scope, it has received a number of enquiries from international families of musically gifted ASD youth

  • Our goal is to respond to each such request. However, before providing any guidance, we will seek to learn more about the child, his/her family environment, level of care/support and musical talent shown to date. Frequently, this process involves a visit to the family, even outside the UK (or Skype calls)

  • All enquiries will be treated with strict confidentiality

  • Any/all guidance provided will be strictly related to music and/or education, as these are consistent with Mrs Bradford's education and credentials

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