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ADMAF / Abu Dhabi Festival / Zayed Higher Organization

Project Partners – MFAI and ADMAF (February – April 2016)


  • MFAI and ADMAF collaborated to bring the interactive musical workshops MFAI has been producing in autistic schools in the UAE for the past 3 years to the Zayed Higher Organization's Abu Dhabi Autism Center.

  • Unlike our previous UAE programmes, this one was specifically designed for Emirati children and was led by an Emirati classical musician/composer, Eman Al Hashimi, who, following training by MFAI served as facilitator throughout the programme

  • From the start of the programme to its conclusion, we were impressed to see the development of the childrens' movement, appreciation of the music and plastic instruments (some of which they played) and their bonding with the local musicians in the workshops. We hope that this pilot serves as an initial step in building a sustainable programme at the school.


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